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Needing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for our clients to follow-up leads, and also to provide us with feedback in regard to marketing efforts, we set out to create our own custom online lead management system. That system is now a reality and available to our clients without charge.


The LEAD MANAGER SYSTEM™ (LMS) has everything we could possibly think of in regard to marketing bells and whistles. It was a huge programming project and now is a very powerful tool for our clients.

Here are a few of the main features:

  • Manage all of your leads in one secure place.
  • Be alerted of new leads as they come in.
  • The automated contact form inputs leads securely into the system from your website.
  • Maintain contact notes and download addresses.
  • Multilevel and unlimited timed follow-up emails, including email attachments
  • Assign leads to specific team members.
  • Prioritize leads for quick attention to the best ones.
  • Gain more referrals and refer extra leads directly to affiliated schools or programs.
  • Turn on the free Call Center feature when you cannot directly interact with inquiries.
  • Client administrators see all activity and can track all contacts.
  • Prioritize leads to pay attention to the best ones.
  • Get reminders of leads that are falling through the cracks
  • Convert current and old leads into the new system
  • Texting and emailing within the platform and recording of those contacts
  • Instant referral of leads to any other network member or program
  • Assignment of leads to individuals and reminders when leads are not dealt with within established time frames
  • Mobile phone lead management
  • One click reassignment of leads to another team member
  • Tracking of marketing tactics and codes right through to enrollment (very important!)
  • Reporting of effectiveness of team members — how quickly and effectively they convert leads into enrollments
  • Tracking of ALL contacts with the lead, so others can pick it up if the initial person is not available
  • Easy dumping of lead data into external email campaigns (like newsletters)

There will never be a cost for our clients to use the LMS tool. Just let us know when you are ready. Participation in using this system is totally optional.


All we need to launch LMS for our clients’ use is for them to complete our LMS questionnaire. It asks for specific information that will help us make the conversion, including some of the initial settings. As soon as we receive that information from client, we set up their installation. We’ll then change the inquiry form on their website, so new leads will go directly into the new system.

Address information from old leads in another system can be easily transferred over, but please be aware that the contact information (notes) or other special tagging or categorizations in any other system cannot, and neither can referral leads (if you are using a referral service other than BCN). So, some clients may want to run both systems simultaneously for a time, until old leads and referrals are played out. Others will want to move their leads over now, so they are all managed in one place. In LMS they can be individually categorized and notes added after the conversion takes place.

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT require any marketing client to choose our system. We will never penalize any client for not choosing to use the Lead Manager System™, but it will be unfortunate for those who don’t. It is free and here for all clients use, should they wish to take advantage of it and the special marketing tools and “bells and whistles” that it offers, plus others that we plan to add in the future.


We built in some very special (optional) features to improve your enrollments. Here are three main optional features that you should be aware of:

1. DIRECT LEAD SHARING (OPTIONAL): With LMS you can pass a lead directly to another program in our network with a simple click. Such sharing of leads helps keep our clients’ lead acquisition costs to a minimum. You decide who to refer to or establish such guidelines for your staff. Most of the leads you receive are not a good fit for your program, but may be a good fit for another program in our network. There is no cost for direct lead sharing.

2. CALL CENTER INTEGRATION (OPTIONAL): The Call Center is a free service of Best Choice Network (not an added service of Exceed). They will have staff trained and ready to take calls (in your name) and online inquiries as a fill-in for times when your admissions staff cannot handle responding to leads (vacation, sick time, etc.), including daily until midnight Central Time. For liability purposes, those who wish to use the Call Center must have a contractor agreement with BCN. BCN will set up a special toll-free phone number and appointment service (if you wish to take specific appointments with inquirers, which can be a very effective tactic).

The special phone number will be directly inserted into your website at the times that Call Center is on. That allows BCN staff to know which client program owns the incoming call, and to answer the call in that program’s name, just as if they are on your staff. All information about the lead will be taken down in the LMS system and will be passed on to you with call notes.

The Call Center staff will do all they can to convince a caller/inquirer to make an appointment with your admissions staff (and will even optionally schedule a specific appointment with your admissions person via Vcita or Calendarly, for a $25 fee). If it is very clear that the caller needs a different kind of program, the Call Center is given permission to put on its BCN referral hat to tell the inquirer about other more appropriate programs and gain a referral fee. Those who are using the Call Center will gain no share payment for leads that are thus referred, which is how BCN covers its costs for providing this service. BCN will cover all telephone and special number costs. This system will take up to two weeks to initially set up for each client.

Use the Call Center option (free) at times when your admissions people are not available (not on duty, ill, on vacation, too busy, etc.).

ABOUT APPOINTMENTS: The Call Center staff will provide answers to basic questions the caller has about client programs, and take down the inquirer’s contact information. But the better approach is for them to also schedule a specific appointment for you to talk with the individual (giving them an exact time and date to connect). Establishing an appointment is critical and saves clients time. It prevents leads from being lost (due to no answer to their call) or from growing cold. Appointment scheduling is optional since it takes the Call Center staff more time to set up and manage. It also requires a scheduling interface and reminders to be set up, so BCN will charge a $25 fee per appointment for this optional service. Otherwise, leads will be passed to you in your LMS interface (free) and you can take them from there.

3. DIRECT REFERRALS FROM BEST CHOICE NETWORK (OPTIONAL): If you are also wanting referrals (adolescent programs only) from Best Choice Network, or to be paid for referring your unused leads through BCN, the system is seamless in providing for the easy transfer of such information to and from that service. Again, this is totally optional and can be used at will (only leads that are specifically selected by clients for referral through BCN are sent on to BCN)


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