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Introducing our Lead Manager System™ (LMS), a tool crafted over six years for simple, effective online lead management. It’s quick, reliable, and free for our clients. LMS offers valuable insights, giving all our clients a comprehensive view of marketing trends.


  • Easy Lead Organization: Keep all your leads in one secure place effortlessly.
  • Reminders and Scheduling: Set reminders and schedule appointments with ease.
  • Instant Lead Alerts: Get notified immediately when new leads come in.
  • Secure Form Integration: Safely input leads from your website using automated forms.
  • Detailed Contact Notes: Take notes and download addresses for a complete picture.
  • Follow-up Emails and Texts: Send follow-up emails and texts at timed intervals.
  • Team Collaboration: Assign leads to team members and prioritize them.
  • Referral Boost: Maximize referrals by sending extra leads to affiliated schools.
  • Admin Oversight: Client administrators can track all activities for comprehensive monitoring.
  • Lead Prioritization: Prioritize leads for quick attention to the best opportunities.
  • Reminder Alerts: Receive reminders for leads at risk of being overlooked.
  • Data Migration: Easily transfer current and old leads into the new system.
  • Efficient Communication: Send texts and emails within the platform while recording all contacts.
  • Instant Referral: Quickly refer leads to other network members or programs.
  • Time-bound Follow-ups: Assign leads with reminders for timely follow-ups.
  • Easy Reassignment: Reassign leads to another team member with a single click.
  • Simple Marketing Tracking: Track marketing tactics and codes from start to enrollment.
  • Performance Reports: Gain insights into team members’ effectiveness with conversion reports.
  • Thorough Contact Tracking: Record all contacts with a lead for seamless handovers.
  • Easy Data Export: Export lead data for external email campaigns effortlessly.

Participation in LMS is optional, and users can download their data for relocation. Elevate your lead management experience with LMS – a simple, powerful solution tailored to your needs.

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