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“With the help of Exceed Marketing, we are at our capacity of 80 students with a waiting list. We are truly thankful for the professionalism and valuable knowledge that Exceed has brought to our school. The value of our partnership with Exceed Marketing cannot be understated.”

Bob Lee, Executive Director,
Columbus Girls Academy

“We started using Exceed during a downturn in admissions. We saw an immediate impact and since we began using them we have not had a month go by that our beds were not full. The best investment we have ever made in the area of marketing. I highly recommend them.”

Shawn Blankenship — Former Director,
Brush Creek Academy/New Lifehouse Academy

“The websites look amazing and we so appreciate the great work your team is doing to assist the parents in finding us. You are a gift to Teen Challenge. Thanks so much for the ministry you have in the kingdom of God in the technology driven world. You guys are truly a blessing to organizations like Teen Challenge.”

Jerry Nance PhD, President,
Global Teen Challenge

“Exceed has been so gracious through constant support and expert advice in an industry that is highly competitive. I know I can rely on their experienced team to consider my own creative ideas and apply experience and knowledge to bring it all together. Thank you Exceed for being there with me from the beginning! Your support and expertise have made it so easy!”

Jennifer Del Giudice, Director,
Providence Pass

“Our target goal for enrollment for Agape was 120 boys. After Exceed started helping, we actually hit 120 for the first time. So, we found a way to squeeze in 4 more beds and we also filled those. Due to the increase in parents contacting us, we are able to be more selective in the students we would accept. We were also able to increase the Agape tuition rate! The entire Agape program improved so much thanks to Exceed’s work.”

Scott Smith, Former Admissions Director,
Agape Boarding School

“Exceed has proven their expertise through our website design and traffic. With the help of Exceed, over 90% of our student body is from traffic created directly through our website. For many years, we relied heavily on outside sources to refer enrollments into our program. Not only has Exceed allowed us to convert more leads into placements, it has improved the quality of leads inquiring. We have a greater conversion rate and oftentimes have a wait list!”

Jim Jones, Founder,
Wolf Creek Academy

“I can honestly say that we would not still have our doors open if it were not for Exceed. You have helped us refine our website into a tool that families all over the United States can truly inform and educate themselves on regarding the nature of our program. When we came to you, our presence on Google was pathetic and now our inquiries have shot through the roof.”

Robert Shyroc, Director of Development,
Stonegate Rehab Center

“The name EXCEED is perfect for this organization. They have always EXCEEDED my expectations when it comes to our marketing needs. They helped us design a new website and continue to manage it with excellence. Their guidance was invaluable. We are thrilled with the results and feedback we receive from the website. Our search engine rankings maintain in the top spots in many critical areas. I have found EXCEED to be the best use of marketing funds that I have ever approved. Bottom line…they get results.”

Darren Reynolds, Executive Director,
Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

“Exceed’s work and our resulting calls are astounding. Thank you!”

David Bosley, Director,
Master's Ranch Christian Academy

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