Google represents about 60-80% of all search traffic, so to reach the bulk of the people who are searching, Exceed does the “Google dance.”

            Unfortunately, Google is getting more restrictive and more complicated, which is leading Exceed to seek other advertising avenues to supplement it.

            Facebook. Instagram. Radio.

            It’s all part of the mix.

            The Exceed approach has been to provide our clients with a strong organic and paid online search presence — to be there when people need to find them. It continues to be the most powerful and least costly method of advertising.

            The individuals who therefore land on Exceed branded websites prequalify themselves by the search terms they initially use, their location, their demographics, etc.

            The branded ad copy, key words, site extensions, and organic listing information that they saw before clicking through to the site further qualifies.

            When paid advertising isn’t available, other SEO tactics are maximized: directories, local microsites, keyword strategies, and more.

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